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CareTek Resources, Inc. provides healthcare and safety products for professional and personal applications. Those products include an array of customizable informational tools and educational aids, customized kits and various non-custom products to help healthcare facilities, industrial enterprises, business workplaces and families:
    Protect against the spread of diseases
    Prepare for unexpected events
    Prevent accidents Respond to emergencies.


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  Customizable Cards & Tags

The Applications are Endless with Premium Plastic Cards... provide instant role recognition of Care Providers to your Patients, Quick Reference and Identification of your HICS Staff during an Emergency Situation, recognize Military Personnel and their Branch of Service, Volunteers, Emergency Codes and Reference Information and additional Employee Information.

Veteran Badges
Care Provider &
Veteran Identification

Emergency Reference Codes & Information
HICS Quick Reference/

  And More...

“Stick-On, Hang-it Anywhere” Disposable Waste Bag
Convenient adhesive strips allow for convenient access and easy clean up!! Keep areas tidy and free from contaminated or infectious waste. A second adhesive strip seals the full bag.

Incident Command Emergency Grab n’ Go Kit
This customized Grab n' Go Kit contains organizational aids for deployed incident command personnel along with numerous hygiene and survival/emergency rescue items.

Home Emergency Preparedness Planning & Organizing Packet
This packet will assist you with keeping your family’s disaster plans and important contact information together as you take steps to prepare your home and family for emergency situations.

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