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Emergency Preparedness

Customizable Educational Aids

Prepare for the Unexpected

In a crisis, we need our security and emergency personnel (including first responders and healthcare workers) the most right after an emergency and for sometimes days after an emergency or a disaster. With the hope of retaining those employees during a disaster or getting employees to report during a crisis, many of CareTek’s Customizable Emergency Preparedness Materials can be distributed to employees before an emergency occurs to incorporate various “need to do/have” items into their families’ preparedness planning. Should a disaster and deployment occur, utilizing these planning and reference tools will help relieve the anxiety of personnel not being home or elsewhere with families and loved ones. Prepare for the Unexpected!!

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CareTek's Customizable Emergency Preparedness Materials

Infection PreventionHome Emergency Preparedness Checklists Booklets

These easy-to-follow Home Emergency Preparedness Checklists Booklets are broken down into three basic sections to help take action to protect your home and family from disasters or potential hazards. The first section outlines ten primary steps to preparing for all emergency situations. Dependent on your assessed risk of particular natural disasters or potential hazards, the remaining two sections offer more detail on how to be prepared for each disaster or potential hazard. Customized versions are available. Click to view SEGMENTS OF THE CHECKLIST BOOKLET.


Infection PreventionHome Emergency Preparedness Planning and Organizing Packets

These bright red, easy-to-spot Home Emergency Preparedness Planning and Organizing Packets will assist you with keeping all of your plans and important contact information together as you complete the various steps from each checklist from the Home Emergency Preparedness Checklist Booklet. Items to be included are Disaster Plans (Workplace(s), Children’s School, Day Care Centers), Neighbor’s Information, Preplanned Animal Shelters and Animal Tag Info and Photos, Floor Plan of Your Home, Map of Meeting Places, Community Evacuation Plans, Important Phone Numbers, Emergency Contact Information and Compiled Checklists.


Infection PreventionHome Emergency Preparedness Critical Documents Packets

In case of an emergency evacuation, critical and important documents are together in a heavy-duty polypropylene envelope that resists tears and repels moisture. Bright red for easy retrieval, the Emergency Preparedness Critical Document Packet visually stands out in filing cabinets. The packet comes with an enclosed document checklist as a reference to copies of critical documents to have on hand. Designed for acid free archival quality, the packet is tough, with a gusset that expands to 1¼", secured with a string tie closure. Document packets can be customized to promote your company or organization.


Infection PreventionHome Emergency Phone Numbers Magnets

With a customizable magnet, emergency phone numbers (fire, police, ambulance, poison control center, etc.) can be posted for easy reference. Quick reference can also be made for Mom and Dad’s work and the kid’s school(s). Customization is also available for emergency procedures.


Infection PreventionHome Emergency Preparedness Component Paks

Instead of obtaining each component separately to begin your Home Emergency Preparedness Planning, you can order these items prepackaged together. Package includes:

  • Home Emergency Preparedness Checklists Booklet
  • Home Emergency Preparedness Planning and Organizing Packet
  • Home Emergency Preparedness Critical Documents Packet
  • Home Emergency Phone Numbers Magnet


Infection PreventionHaving A Plan

While emergencies can run the gamut from health to weather to accidents to violence, CareTek Resources, Inc. can help prepare for virtually anything. With suggestions that you may have and a list of suggestions from CareTek, let us partner together to help others HAVE A PLAN!
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CareTek's Customizable Home Emergency Preparedness Educational Campaign Materials

The Home Emergency Preparedness Customizable Educational Campaign begins with Educational Materials and Activities for the ten basic steps that apply to all Natural Disasters and Potential Hazards. Starting with Step 10, more detail can be given about the specific risks that pertain to your community or your employee’s homes, based on an assessment of risks. An outline of the Home Emergency Preparedness Educational Campaign includes some samples of the first two lessons (or steps) and a Home Emergency Preparedness Test (a part of step 1). Also available is a Quotation Form to gather your ideas and thoughts towards which lessons or items you would like to promote as part of this campaign.

Infection Prevention

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