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Hospital Incident Command System Aids


To effectively manage emergencies, whether external (ie: fires, earthquakes) or internal (ie: staff disruptions, utility failure) hospitals must ensure adequate preparations are in place. Since its inception in the late 1980’s, the Hospital Emergency Incident Command System (HEICS) served as an important emergency management foundation for hospitals in the United States. Evolved to become HICS – the Hospital Incident Command System is recognized to be not only important in emergency situations but also for preplanned events and non-emergent situations. By embracing the concepts outlined in HICS, a hospital is positioned to be consistent with National Incident Management System (NIMS) command design guidelines and to participate in a system that promotes greater national standardization in terminology, response concepts and procedures. HICS provides hospitals of all sizes the tools needed to advance their emergency preparedness and response capability - both individually and as a member of the broader response community.

One of the first steps to setting up an Incident Command System is Position Identification. CareTek Resources, Inc. has launched a new line of HICS Quick Reference/Identification Cards. The HICS Quick Reference/Identification Cards will make it quick and easy for your Incident Command System (HICS or NIMS) to be up and running.

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Customization Available

The ability to add or subtract some of the roles outlined with the HICS Quick Reference/Identification Cards and to make specific changes that pertain to your facility is available with CareTek Resources, Inc. logo or facility identification can also be incorporated for added value.

Also Available

  • Complimentary Full-Size HICS Flow Chart
    Poster to compliment your customized
    HICS Quick Reference / Identification Cards
  • Customized Lanyards
  • Customized Binders for each role
    • Job Action Sheets and Additional
      Documents for each Binder
    • Binder Pencil Pouches, Writing Pens and
      other Accessories for each Binder
  • Grab n’ Go Kits contain each Role Binder
    and other items
  • Customizable Safety Vests
  • Customizable Arm Bands
  • HICS Magnets
  • Customizable Carabineers
    and Survival Tool Assembly
  • Emergency Response Medical Care
  • Set-up Stations
  • HICS Position Banners
Infection Prevention


  • Position Identification Grouped in section colors
  • Mission What the position entails
  • Additional Documents & Tools Additional materials needed
  • Summary Checklist Actions to be taken for each position

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