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Emergency Response

Infection Prevention Kit

Incident Command Grab 'n' Go Kits

Many of the items needed for Incident Command Personnel during a crisis

  • Tailored for Incident Command Personnel - besides emergency rescue items or tools, this kit also contains items to assist with organizational needs.
  • Lightweight, easy to carry
  • Choose what you would like to have in your kits. Customization can include the customization of the carrying bags and components.


1) Duffle Carrying Bag
1) 1" Orange Poly Binder
1) Pencil Carrying Pouch
1) Jr. Legal Clipboard
1) Jr. Legal Writing Pad
1) Writing Pen
1) Key Chain Marker
1) Swiss Army Knife
1) Hand Flashlight w/Batteries
1) Head Flashlight w/Batteries
1) Pair, Work Gloves
2) N-95 Respirators
1) Poucho
1) 1st Aid Kit
2) LED Glow Sticks
1) Whistle w/Lanyard
1) Hygiene Kit (Women's)
10) Antimicrobial Wipes
1) Food Bar - 2400 calories
1) Church Key Can Opener
1) Emergency Blanket
1) Ice Pack
1) Safety Goggles

Item #: KIT-ICD
Order Quantity: 50+

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